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Eat Fish Safely

Eating fish is part of a healthy, well-balanced diet. Though fish have many health benefits, some contain chemicals that can harm your health. Learn more about how to choose the best fish to eat.


Adult and child sitting on a bank fishing

Learn common contaminants found in Wisconsin fish, which fish are safest to eat and how to prepare fish safely.


Five primary color covered books standing in circle on a table.

The Department of Health Services’ Fish Program provides outreach and educational material to community members and health professionals.


Five adults sitting in a tight circle talking.

The Department of Health Services’ Fish Program manages projects focused on fish advisory awareness, exposure to harmful chemicals, and fish-eating habits.

Fish advisories

For Wisconsin-specific fish advisories, visit the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) online query tool to find advisories for your areas.

For advisories on store-bought or restaurant fish, check with the Food and Drug Administration.

Last revised March 15, 2024