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Childhood Experiences and Health: Current Partnerships

We are proud to collaborate with local and statewide programs making a difference in communities across Wisconsin. Right now, partners and community members like you are working to educate people about adverse childhood experiences or ACEs and their effects, trauma-informed care, building resilience, and more. Together, we can help prevent and buffer the risks of ACEs and give all Wisconsinites a better opportunity for a healthy life.

Our current partners

Addressing ACEs in Wisconsin is a collaborative effort. We are continually working with the organizations listed below to get Wisconsin's ACEs numbers down. 

Areas of focus

Preventing and buffering the effects of early adversity starts with addressing the risk factors that increase the likelihood of experiencing ACEs. Many risk factors apply to the different ACEs Wisconsinites experience. We surveyed our partners in 2020. Below are some common risk factors that our partners are making a priority to address.

Priorities among partnering organizations
Last revised September 13, 2023