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ATAC: Annual Progress Report and Data

Annual Progress Report

Each State Assistive Technology Program is required to prepare and submit to the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services an annual progress report. State Assistive Technology Programs are required to collect and report the following data.

Wisconsin Annual Progress Report (Federal Fiscal Year 2021)

State Level Activities

  • Alternative financing programs
    • The amount and type of financial assistance given to participants in the alternative financing programs include:
      • Number of applications for assistance
      • Number of applications approved and rejected
      • Default rate
      • Range and average interest rate
      • Average income for approved applicants
      • Type and value of devices financed
  • Device loan programs
    • Number, type, and length of loans made to individuals with disabilities, employers, public agencies, or public accommodations, including an analysis of individuals that have benefited from the program
  • Device re-utilization and exchange programs
    • Number, type, and estimated value and scope of devices exchanged, repaired, recycled, or re-utilized (including redistributed through device sales, or donations) including an analysis of the individuals that have benefited from the program
  • Device demonstration programs
    • Number and type of device demonstrations and referrals including an analysis of individuals with disabilities who have benefited from the program

State Leadership Activities

  • Training
    • The number and general characteristics of those who participated in training activities (e.g., individuals with disabilities, parents, guardians, employers, policy makers, vendors)
      • Where feasible, their geographic distribution
  • Technical assistance
    • The amount and nature of technical assistance provided to state and local agencies and other entities
  • Public awareness and information and assistance
    • The number of individuals assisted through public-awareness related activities
  • Policy advocacy
    • Outcomes of any improvement initiatives related to policy, practices, and procedures that the state has developed and implemented regarding access to, provision of, and funding for AT devices and services in the contexts of education, health care, employment, community living, and information technology and telecommunications including e-government
  • Leveraged funding
    • The source of leveraged funding or other contributed resources, subcontracts, or other collaborative resource-sharing agreements from and with public and private entities
    • The number of individuals served with those resources (not previously reported)
    • Other outcomes accomplished as a result of activities with said resources
  • Customer satisfaction
    • Levels of customer satisfaction with the services provided

Disclaimer about advisory council content

This content reflects the views and opinions of the advisory council. It may not reflect the official policy or position of DHS.

Last revised January 3, 2022