Birth to 3 Council: Members

The Council is comprised of at least 15 members, up to 25 members, all appointed by the Governor. Members can serve up to two terms and include parents of children with developmental disabilities or delays, providers of early intervention services (including at least one member representing county government), at least one person involved in early intervention personnel preparation, a state Legislator, and representatives of the state agencies involved with provision of or payment for services to infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families. To apply to become a member of the Governor's State of Wisconsin Birth to 3 Interagency Coordinating Council, please see the bottom of this page for application information.

Council members

Representation Name and Contact Information Term Start
Provider Jacci Borchardt 05/20/2022
DPI/Early Childhood Special Education Jennifer Bibler, Early Childhood Coordinator
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI)
Provider  Virginia Brath 09/14/2020
Wisconsin Office of Children's Mental Health Linda Hall 09/14/2020
Foster Care Representative Lisa Hankes, Bureau of Safety and Well-Being Selection Manager
Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF)
Child Care Representative Laura Holmes, Early Interventionist Support and Service Coordinator
Taylor County Human Services
DPI/McKinney-Vento Kristine Nadolski
McKinney Vento Homeless State Coordinator
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Parent Rosemarie T. Navarro-Red Hail
DHS/DMS Deb Rathermel, Part C Coordinator
Wisconsin Birth to 3 Program
County Lisa Roberts, Waukesha County
Wisconsin Human Services Association (WHCSA) LTC PAC
Personnel Preparation VACANT  
State Legislator Rep. Lisa Subeck 09/14/2020
Parent Theresa Wixom

Governor's State of Wisconsin Birth to 3 Interagency Coordinating Council Applications

All applications to serve on the Governor's various Boards, Commissions and Councils must be completed online. Simply select the Boards or Commissions link and follow the process. All appointments are administered by the Office of the Governor.

Last Revised: August 3, 2022

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