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Using DocuSign

DocuSign allows us to electronically route and sign documents. Entities will receive an email notification from DocuSign instead of a paper agreement in the mail. The email will indicate that an agreement is available for review and electronic signature. When the electronic signing process is complete, a signed copy of the agreement will be sent to all signers and people designated to receive a copy. A copy of the agreement can be printed or saved as a PDF at any time.

Every agreement must have a person designated to electronically sign the agreement. In addition to the designated signer, entities may also identify other people, such as administrative staff, directors, fiscal managers, and attorneys who may be copied on the initial or final email notification from DocuSign.

How the DocuSign process works

  1. The authorized signer receives an email from DocuSign asking them to agree to do business with DHS electronically.
  2. After accepting the terms, the PDF agreement opens in DocuSign. Colored tabs identifying the location(s) for the authorized signer to sign are displayed. This allows only the authorized signers to sign the appropriate location(s) within the documents. If the agreement needs to be signed by someone else, it may be reassigned in DocuSign by the person receiving the email notification.
  3. After the agreement is signed, it is automatically forwarded to the next signer.
  4. When the agreement has been routed and signed by all required parties, the completed agreement is emailed to all signers and individuals copied in the process. Users can print or save a PDF copy of the agreement at any time.

Helpful tips

  • Watch the DocuSign Signing Process video.
  • Know who your authorized signer is. The authorized signer for an entity is the only one who will be able sign the agreement. If there is a change, please contact DHS program staff to update your authorized signer and contact information.
  • DocuSign will be sending contracts to you directly. Occasionally, entities disregard the email message from DocuSign as spam. All initial requests for signature, copies, and reminders will come from DocuSign.
  • Check your spam filter frequently.
  • Save as a friendly domain. Ask your IT support personnel to “whitelist” or add DocuSign as a safe sender.
  • Contact DHS with questions at:
Last revised August 12, 2022