Also known as: Ethylene dichloride, 1,2-Ethylene dichloride, Freon 150, 1,2-DCA
Chemical reference number (CAS): 107-06-2

What is 1,2-Dichloroethane?

1,2-DCA is a thick, colorless liquid which has a pleasant odor and sweet taste. It also evaporates quickly. It's used to make vinyl chloride and as a solvent to remove grease and glue. In the home, 1,2-DCA can be found in some cleaning solvents, pesticides, glues, varnishes, and strippers. 1,2-DCA has been found in groundwater and soil near landfills and industries using large chemical quantities.

When 1,2-DCA enters the environment, it can seep into the soil or evaporate into the air. It eventually may reach groundwater and contaminate local drinking water supplies.

Can a medical test determine exposure to 1,2-DCA?

Testing can be done to find out whether people have been exposed to 1,2-DCA within the last 24 hours. These tests require special equipment, and the results may not predict what kinds of health effects will follow.

Medical tests of blood chemistry, kidney function, and liver function may be helpful in determining damage and establishing a baseline for later comparison.

Seek medical advice if you have any symptoms that you think may be related to chemical exposure.

This fact sheet summarizes information about this chemical and is not a complete listing of all possible effects. It does not refer to work exposure or emergency situations.

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Last Revised: January 2, 2018

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