Aromatic Concentrates

Also known as: C5+, Pyrolysis Gasoline, Pentenes Plus

Aromatic concentrates are purified mixtures of chemicals found in crude oil. These mixtures are used to make gasoline and other fuels. They are strong-smelling liquids that range in color from yellow to black. Aromatic concentrates are made up of other chemicals: benzene (45%), dicyclopentadiene (13%), cyclopentadiene (7%), and toluene (6%). The remaining 29% of the formula is a blend of other chemicals found in crude oil.

If spilled, aromatic concentrates evaporate quickly. However, part of the spill can go into the air, the soil, and sink down into the groundwater. When spilled in lakes or streams, they evaporate more slowly.

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Last Revised: March 10, 2017