Chemical reference numbers (CAS) of common forms: Cyanide 57-12-5, Zinc Cyanide 557-21-1, Sodium Cyanide 143-33-9, Potassium Cyanide 151-50-8, Hydrogen Cyanide 74-90-8

Cyanide is very poisonous. Cyanide can exist as a gas, liquid or white crystal powder. Cyanide is used in the electroplating industry, in metal cleaning operations, and as an industrial bug killer. Breathing the gas, eating the liquid or solid forms can make people suddenly lose consciousness or cause death.

There are no common uses of cyanide in the home. Most cyanide in the environment results from industrial processes and from improper waste disposal.

(P-44594  Revised 12/2010)

This fact sheet summarizes information about this chemical and is not a complete listing of all possible effects. It does not refer to work exposure or emergency situations.


Last Revised: November 21, 2014