Also known as: Cyclopentadiene dimer
Chemical reference number (CAS): 77-73-6

Dicyclopentadiene is a man-made substance produced by heating crude oil products. It’s a colorless, waxy, flammable solid or liquid, with a camphor-like odor. As dicyclopentadiene enters the air, it breaks down quickly into simpler, less-toxic chemicals. However, it can stay unchanged for a long time in soil and in water.

Dicyclopentadiene is not a common ingredient of products used in homes. It is used to make bug sprays, paints, and varnishes. Most dicyclopentadiene in the environment results from industrial processes and from improper waste disposal.

(P-44600  Revised 12/2010)

This fact sheet summarizes information about this chemical and is not a complete listing of all possible effects. It does not refer to work exposure or emergency situations.


Last Revised: November 22, 2014