Methylene Chloride

Also known as: Dichloromethane, Methane dichloride, Methylene dichloride
Chemical reference number (CAS): 75-09-2

Methylene chloride is a clear, non-flammable liquid with a sweet, pleasant odor. It’s primarily used as paint remover, industrial solvent, and grain fumigant.

In the home, methylene chloride may be an ingredient in paint removers and in fire extinguishers. You may find methylene chloride (or one of the other names listed above) in the ingredient label of these products.

Methylene chloride will not remain in the food chain; sunlight will break down the compound when released into the air. If methylene chloride is placed in a landfill or discharged to soil, it can seep into groundwater and contaminate nearby wells.

(P-44348  Revised 06/2014)

This fact sheet summarizes information about this chemical and is not a complete listing of all possible effects. It does not refer to work exposure or emergency situations.


Last Revised: November 23, 2014