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CWC: Intensive Treatment Program

Central Wisconsin Center's Intensive Treatment Program serves people ages 5 and older with an intellectual disability and co-occurring mental health or behavior disorder. 

Staff provide behavioral and psychiatric evaluation and treatment, educational services, medical services, therapeutic recreation, and vocational programming. 

An individualized treatment plan is developed for each client. The goal is to help the client develop skills to live in their community with as much independence as possible.


  • Clients must have an intellectual disability and co-occurring mental health or behavior disorder.
  • Clients must need help learning skills key to daily living. 

Preadmission assessment

Admission happens only after an assessment. Questions answered during the assessment include: Is the individual eligible? Does the program meet their needs? Program staff typically meet the individual in the community. They receive input from caregivers. They also review the individual's records. 


An admission date is set in advance. On the day of admission, the new client tours the center and meets their care and treatment team. The client’s caregivers take part in a review of the client’s treatment goals. 


A discharge plan is setup at the time of admission. This plan includes a projected discharge date. On the day of discharge, the client’s treatment team provides the client’s caregivers a progress report and recommendations for community supports. The client’s caregivers receive this information in the mail within two weeks of discharge. 


County agencies, Family Care managed care organizations, and IRIS representatives refer clients to the program. Call 608-301-9417.

Last revised May 10, 2019