Central Wisconsin Center


Central Wisconsin Center (CWC) is a residential and short-term treatment facility for individuals with developmental disabilities located in Madison. Staff provide supports that emphasize personal dignity and quality of life. CWC is one of three centers for individuals with developmental disabilities managed by the Division of Care and Treatment Services.



Notice of Privacy Practices, F-26003 (PDF, 119 KB)
Aviso sobre Prácticas de Privacidad, F-26003S (PDF, 119 KB)
Child Find, P-00195C (PDF, 59 KB)
Child Find, P-00195CS (Spanish) (PDF, 59 KB)
Referral Notice, P-00194 (PDF, 130 KB)
Referral Notice, P-00194S (Spanish) (PDF, 130 KB)

Visit the careers page to learn how you can join the diverse team of caring professionals at CWC.


Last Revised: September 6, 2016