Consultative Examination Opportunities

The Disability Determination Bureau (DDB) is looking for licensed psychologists and physicians in all specialties, optometrists, audiologists, and speech and language pathologists to perform consultative exams (CEs).

The Bureau orders CEs as part of the disability evaluation process when a claimant's existing medical records do not provide sufficient information about their injury or illness. If you become a CE provider we ask that you perform examinations that are similar to new patient exams or second opinion consultations. The DDB provides complete instructions and samples of narratives so consultants clearly understand the type of examination or test that is needed and proper reporting requirements.

The consultant does not determine eligibility for benefits or provide treatment recommendations. There is no follow up with the person being examined.

How the Process Works

Exams are arranged with the DDB on a mutually agreeable flexible schedule within the following parameters:

  • Appointments are scheduled approximately 14 days from the date we contact your office.
  • Exams are conducted in your office or in a rental space approved by the DDB.
  • The building and office must be ADA compliant.
  • The narrative report of your exam must be submitted within 10 days of the examination.
  • We provide you with access to free dictation services for your CE reports.
  • We pay you promptly for services within 30-45 days upon receipt of both your report and bill.

This is an important service needed in all communities and we welcome your participation. 

If you would like additional information about the disability program please visit SSA's website. Learn more about the CE process.

How to Contact Us About Becoming a CE Provider

Complete the Wisconsin Consultant Examination form, F-00154 (DOC, 48 KB) and submit it to the email address listed on the form. Upon receipt we will then contact you to address any questions and begin the process of adding you to our statewide consulting panel.

You can also email us for information at

Last Revised: June 14, 2019