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The Wisconsin Bureau of Environmental and Occupational Health (BEOH) program periodically publishes numbered memos to update providers and interested parties of important information.  Listed below are memos of interest from those published.

Memo Number Description Issue Date Attachments Obsolete date
BEOH 2022-02a
La certificación provisional para los solicitantes individuales dura ahora hasta que se emita la tarjeta de certificación
BEOH 2022-02
Provisional Certification for Individual Applicants Now Lasts Until Certification Card Issued
BEOH 2022-01
Exterior Lead Abatement and Renovation Cleaning Activities: Wet/Dry Vacuum with HEPA Filter and Drywall Bag is OK
BEOH 2021-04
New CDC Blood Lead Reference Value of 3.5 Micrograms per Deciliter (µg/dL) for Children
BEOH 2021-03a
Se aceptan copias electrónicas o impresas como prueba de certificación de la certificación en el sitio
BEOH 2021-03
Electronic or Printed Copies of Certification Acceptable As On-Site Proof of Certification
BEOH 2021-02
Initial Asbestos Worker Course Test Option for Students Who Fail Initial Asbestos Supervisor Course Test
BEOH 2021-01
Public Health Follow-up of Suspected Cases of Infant Methemoglobinemia
Severe Pulmonary Disease Among Persons Who Reported Vaping
BEOH 2019-03
New Case of Severe Bleeding Associated with Synthetic Cannabinoid ("K2" and "Spice") Use
BEOH 2019-02
Severe Pulmonary Disease Among Adolescents Who Reported Vaping
Blue-Green Algae (Cyanobacteria) and Cyanotoxin Poisoning Reporting Requirements
BEOH 2018-05
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Reporting Requirements
BEOH 2018-04
New Environmental and Occupational Reportable Conditions
BEOH 2018-03
Guidance for EMS: Severe Bleeding Continues Among Synthetic Cannabinoids (“K2” and “Spice”) Users
BEOH 2018-02
Guidance for Clinicians: Severe Bleeding Continues Among Synthetic Cannabinoids (“K2” and “Spice”) Users
BEOH 2018-01
Guidance for Pharmacists: Severe Bleeding Continues Among Synthetic Cannabinoids (“K2” and “Spice”) Users
Last revised April 13, 2023