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DPH EMS Numbered Memos

The Wisconsin EMS program periodically publishes numbered memos to update providers and interested parties of important information. These memos are emailed to the services, and when appropriate, sent to every licensed EMS person in the state. Listed below are memos of interest from those published.

Memo Number Description Issue Date Attachments Obsolete date
EMS 23-10
EMS Instructor Teaching Hours Renewal Information
EMS 23-09
Emergency Medical Service Provider Renewal Information
EMS 23-08
EMS Instructor II Renewal Information
EMS 23-07
Paramedic with Critical Care Endorsement Requirement
EMS 23-06
Paramedic Renewal Information
EMS 23-05
Intermediate Renewal Information
EMS 23-04
Emergency Medical Technician Renewal Information
EMS 23-03
Emergency Medical Responder Renewal Information
EMS 23-02
Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Renewal Information
EMS 23-01
Statewide Epinephrine Standing Order for Pharmacists
EMS 22-01: Replaced by
EMS Instructor II Renewal Information
EMS Instructor Renewal Requirement
EMS 20-02
Interim Guidance for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Systems, Practitioners and Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) Regarding COVID-19
EMS 20-01
Interim Guidance for Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Providers in Wisconsin Regarding COVID-19 Associated with the Outbreak in Wuhan, China
EMS 19-01
EMS Funding Assistance Program Reminders for SFY20
EMS 18-03
Information Update on Wisconsin EMS Flexible Staffing
EMS 18-02
State Fiscal Year 2019 EMS Funding Assistance Program Information
EMS 18-01
EMS Critical Care Instructional Programs
EMS 17-08
2018-2020 EMS Provider Renewal Information
EMS 17-07
2018-2020 EMS Instructor Renewal Information
EMS 17-06 Replaced by
Emergency Medical Service Provider Renewal Information
2018-2020 EMS Service License Renewal Information
EMS 17-05
Temporary Regional Assignments
EMS 17-04
Expiration Date Allowances for Current Drug Shortages
EMS 17-03
International Cyber Threat to Healthcare Organizations
EMS 17-02
Carfentanil and Other Synthetic Opioids
EMS 17-01
2018-2020 License/Certification Renewal Requirements
EMS 16-06
WARDS Elite Update
EMS 16-05
Draw-Up Epi Use
EMS 16-04
Use of RN and PA
EMS 16-03
SFY 2017 Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Funding Assistance Program
EMS 16-02
Mutual Aid Agreements vs. Coverage Agreements
EMS 16-01
First Responders as Members of a Legal Crew
Last revised April 13, 2023