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Healthy Environments for Kids: Safekeeping Campaign

"Safekeeping" means keeping your school or early childhood education center safe from environmental hazards.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) Safekeeping campaign seeks to provide tips and resources to schools and early childhood education centers on maintaining environmentally safe and healthy facilities for kids and staff.

Whether you’re a school nestled among the lakes and pines "up north," or a daycare center in bustling Milwaukee, we want you to be equipped with best practices for reducing harmful chemical exposures and ensuring healthier air and water quality for everyone in your learning community.


Safekeeping Wisconsin logo

Video 1: How to Safely Handle Chemicals and Disinfectants

Proper cleaning is essential to healthy learning communities.


View this video with Spanish (Español) or Hmong (Hmoob) subtitles

Learn the basics of safely handling chemical cleaners and disinfectants. Learn which products to use and when, as well as recommended personal protective equipment to wear and disposal practices to follow.

Chemical use: cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting
Waste management
Pesticide management

Video 2: Safely Use Chemical Cleaners and Disinfectants

Be sure to use the right product for the task at hand.



View this video with Spanish (Español) or Hmong (Hmoob) subtitles

This video explores the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting, and highlights important components of a cleaning and sanitizing plan for your facility.

Video 3: Maintaining Safe Facilities: Air Quality

Public health guidelines ensure safe air in your buildings.



View this video with Spanish (Español) or Hmong (Hmoob) subtitles

This video summarizes the latest guidelines to establish and maintain healthy air quality for your students and staff. Learn recommended settings and protocols for your HVAC system, including air filtration, distribution, and exchange.

Video 4: Maintaining Safe Facilities: Water Quality

Safe drinking water is essential to a healthy learning environment.



View this video with Spanish (Español) or Hmong (Hmoob) subtitles

This video offers tips for ensuring the safety of your drinking water and maintenance of your water distribution system. Learn the importance of flushing and inspecting faucets, following water testing requirements and recommendations, and developing a water management program.

Last revised February 23, 2023