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Handy Hygiene Tipis text with the Wally VandeHand a character made up of a hand with the thumb and other four fingers shaped as a mouth with eyes placed on top of the four fingers.

Handy Hygiene Tips

We all have a part to play when it comes to preventing the spread of germs. Practicing good hygiene is one of the best ways to protect ourselves and others from getting sick. Hygiene refers to all of the preventive actions we do to stop germs from spreading, including washing our hands and cleaning and disinfecting. Get handy hygiene tips by clicking the links below.


Proper hand washing technique

Learn when and how to properly wash your hands.

Cleaning and disinfection

A pair of blue gloved hands spraying and cleaning a cupboard door.

Find information on cleaning and disinfection at home and in health care settings.

Personal protective equipment

Adult typing a disposable gown

Learn how personal protective equipment (PPE) protects health care workers from exposure to blood, body fluids, and other potentially infectious materials.

Keep yourself and others safe

Family standing in front of their porch

Get tips for protecting yourself and others from germs that can make you sick.

Watch Handy Hygiene Tips

Watch Handy Hygiene Tips hosted by Wally VandeHand and share the show on your social media channels.


Germs are Everywhere

There are germs literally everywhere. Learn what you can do to prevent the spread of these germs.


Can't Stay Home

We all know if you're sick, you should stay home. If you have to be out in public, learn what you can do to protect yourself and others.


Proper Handwashing

Practicing good hygiene – including proper handwashing – is one of the best ways to protect ourselves and others from getting sick.


Soap or Hand Sanitizer?

Both soap and hand sanitizer are good options for keeping your hands clean.


Cleaning and Disinfecting

Maintaining safe cleaning habits helps remove most germs, such as harmful viruses or bacteria, on surfaces.


Dirty Little Secret

Get tips for removing germs from highly touched surfaces at home, school, or work.

Infection prevention information for health partners

Find information for health care and public health professionals on healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), prevention measures, and educational resources.

Find resources for health partners

Last revised December 15, 2023