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MMHI: Rehabilitation Services Internship

The Rehabilitation Services Department at MMHI provides year-round internship programs for students in programs such as therapeutic recreation, occupational therapy (OT/OTA), art therapy, and speech-language pathology. Housing is available on a limited basis.

The following process is used to communicate with, screen, and place students in our program:

  1. We encourage students to make initial contact two months to one year before the affiliation start date. Please send an email of interest to the Director of Rehabilitation Services providing the college you are attending, your degree program, and the level of field work you are interested in (i.e. level I, level II).
  2. Based on the information provided, the Director of Rehabilitation Services will connect you with the appropriate fieldwork coordinator.
  3. The field work coordinator will provide additional information regarding the availability for placement and expectations.
  4. If an internship is available, the field work coordinator will send a confirmation email identifying the term of the internship, program assignment, and student supervisor.
  5. The student will also be sent an email from the MMHI student coordinator including, but not limited to, employee health letter, questionnaires, background disclosure form, student agreement, and some of MMHI’s policies. All students must be cleared through Employee Health prior to having any patient contact.

While participating in an internship at MMHI, each student is required to:

  • Meet regularly with the supervisor.
  • Meet your specific discipline and MMHI requirements for assessments, treatment planning, documentation of daily, weekly, and monthly progress, use of protocol format, flow sheets, annual updates, evaluations, etc.
  • Develop and facilitate treatment groups and activities.
  • Gain knowledge of the multidisciplinary team process.
  • Gain knowledge of the rehabilitative services procedures and unit policies.
  • Gain knowledge about psychiatric diagnoses.
  • Participate in department and unit meetings.
  • Attend an exit interview with the Director of Rehabilitation Services.

The Rehabilitation Services Department has established requirements for supervision of interns at MMHI. Each supervisor of an intern must:

  • Have certification or licensure within respective field.
  • Have at least 1 year work experience at MMHI in the specific discipline.
  • Have approval from the Director of the Rehabilitation Services Department, Unit Manager, and his or her supervisor.
  • Meet medical records documentation requirements.
  • Meet the expectations of the Rehabilitation Services Department.

Call 608-301-1176 with questions.

Last revised February 21, 2023