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Mendota Mental Health Institute

Accredited by The Joint Commission, Mendota Mental Health Institute (MMHI) primarily serves men in need of court-ordered mental health competency evaluations, treatment to competency services, and treatment as the result of being found not guilty of criminal activity by reason of mental illness. A geropsychiatric treatment unit assesses and treats elderly men and women who suffer from emotional and neurological conditions that affect behavior. MMHI is one of two psychiatric hospitals operated by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

The Mendota Juvenile Treatment Center provides mental health services to teen boys referred from the Department of Corrections.

The methods for community treatment developed by MMHI's Program of Assertive Community Treatment have been adopted throughout the world.

Grow the health care career and future you've always wanted. We're hiring!

We are currently hiring nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, and certified nursing assistants to fill essential health care positions in our seven care and treatment facilities across Wisconsin, including MMHI. If you’re ready to advance your career and enrich your personal life, all while creating an impact on the lives of the patients under our care, explore our available positions.

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Interested in a career not related to health care? We have those, too! Learn more about all career opportunities at MMHI.

Mendota Mental Health Institute
301 Troy Drive
Madison, WI 53704

Last revised April 4, 2024