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Resources For State and Local Partners

The Office of the Inspector General provides resources for our partners and providers across the state. This page offers a list of manuals, guidance, training materials, newsletters and links that may be helpful. Select the category below that best fits your interests for information, tools and other resources.


Information on public assistance fraud prevention and recipient or retailer fraud investigations.

Information for fee-for-service providers, HMOs and network providers; IRIS agencies, participants, and providers; and Family Care organizations, members, and network providers.

Information on single audits, desk reviews, allowable costs, and financial management issues.


  • Collections
    The Public Assistance Collection Unit, the state's central collection unit, is responsible for the recovery of delinquent public assistance overpayments. 
  • FoodShare Overpayment Calculator
    This Excel workbook is available to agencies assisting in the recovery of FoodShare overpayments.
  • PARIS Matches
    PARIS match inquiries should be directed to
  • Public Assistance Verification
    If you are from another state's human services agency and want to verify if someone is receiving public assistance in Wisconsin, call the CARES Call Center at 608-261-6378 (option 1) or email

If you can't find the resource you need, contact the Office of the Inspector General at 608-266-2521.

Last revised March 27, 2023