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Public Health Courses

Public health nurse (PHN) and public health professional courses

  • New to Public Health Residency Program (UW-Madison)
    • Informational webinars provided. Register for these at the above link.
    • 12-month program with continuing education credits (CE). Accredited by American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) and others.
    • Asynchronously offered modules through online, virtual format. Synchronous, monthly discussions with program facilitators.
    • There may be a registration fee.
    • A curriculum overview shows that Session 2 is about Communicable Disease and Session 4 about Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention.
  • Public Health 101 (CDC)
    • Variety of introductory courses in Wisconsin TRAIN
    • Ex: TRAIN ID 1059661 Public Health 101 Series – Introduction to Public Health
    • Please consider the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Vaccine and Immunology courses, as well.
  • Public Health Nurse Ready (University at Albany School of Public Health)
    • 10.5 hours self-paced, online instruction
    • No-cost way to earn a certificate, but no academic credit. There may be some continuing education credits.
    • Through TRAIN, ID 1077634 or visit the University of Albany – School of Public Health
    • Specifically for registered nurses or licensed practical nurses working in public health
  • Introduction to Public Health Surveillance (Northwest Center for Public Health Practice)
    • Applicable to PHN surveillance and other roles regarding epidemiology
    • Disease reporting and examples of surveillance
    • TRAIN ID 1016809, and more available…

For more information, please contact your regional public health nurse consultant (see counties in each region).

For more information, please contact your Regional Public Health Nurse Consultant.

Last revised November 1, 2022