Wisconsin Public Health Nurse (WPHN) Orientation Course

This is a series of web-delivered course modules on the statutory requirements for public health nursing practicein Wisconsin.  The courses are free.  WPHN Orientation Poster  (PPT, 3 MB)

Course Modules

I:   Wisconsin Public Health Nursing Practice Model (course 1016058)

II.  WPHN Orientation:  The Role of the Public Health Nurse in Prevention and Control of Communicable Disease (Course 1049675)

III: Services to Prevent Other Diseases (Chronic Disease and Injury) (course1016119)

IV: WPHN Orientation:  The Role of the Public Health Nurse in Health Promotion (course 1052083)

V:  Human Health Hazards and Environmental Health (course 1016121)

How to Register

Access and register for the course modules on the TRAIN website:  https://wi.train.org(exit DHS) Search for each module by course number or by title starting with:  WPHN Orientation.

For more information about these course modules, contact your Regional Public Health Nurse Consultant:  (Regional Map)

If you have any questions about this website, e-mail Jamie LaBrasca at the Division of Public Health Northern Regional Office.

Last Revised: October 16, 2014