Program Participation System (PPS)

Program Participation System (PPS) is a web-based IT system that was developed to help streamline various program functions and tasks. This website provides reference information pertaining to PPS.


Module Specific:

  • Annual Expense and Revenue Reports – Financial reporting for HSRR and Expense (942) Reports
  • Adult Waitlist – Tracks individuals on the waitlist for adult LTC programs.
  • AODA/Substance Abuse Services – Tracks and records AODA services
  • Birth to 3 – This module records data on Birth to 3 Program participants.
  • Core Services – This module records Core services.
  • Critical Incidents – Tracks incident’s for Birth to 3, Children’s and IRIS. Note: This module is not released for production use at this time.
  • Employment Outcomes (OIE) – Tracks employment outcomes for working aged individuals with disabilities receiving long term care services. Outcomes are recorded by employment providers, Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), and the IRIS Consultant Agency (ICA).
  • Family Care Centralized Enrollment – This module provides automation support for central enrollment processing in the Family Care Expansion Counties.
  • Financial Reporting Tracks Expense and Revenue reporting
  • Include, Respect, I Self-Direct (IRIS) – This module tracks participation in the IRIS Waiver program.
  • Long Term Care Room and Board – Calculator for determining member's income to pay for room and board in substitute care settings
  • Mental Health and AODA Participation – Tracks participation in the Mental Health and Substance Abuse programs (example – CRS, COP, CCS, TAP, etc.)
  • Mental Health Services – Tracks mental health services
  • Nursing Home Referrals – This module provides training to nursing home and Local Contact Agency staff on automation of MDS 3.0 Section Q referrals from nursing homes to Aging and Disability Resource Centers for processing.

For PPS application questions/problems, please contact:

SOS Desk
Telephone: 608-266-9198
Fax: 608-267-2437
Hours of operation are 8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. (Monday - Friday)

You may call at other times and leave a message.

Last Revised: February 8, 2016