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Publications produced by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) are available for downloading and printing from this site. If a publication is not available electronically, you will be provided instructions for requesting a paper copy. 

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Assigned Number Title Division Other Location
P-00884E Vulnerable Populations and Drought-Related Issues DPH
P-00884F Talking Points for Drought DPH
P-00438 WI Tuberculosis Case Report by Public Health Region and by County DPH
P-01751 Tickborne Diseases Risk in Wisconsin DPH
P-00884A Drought and Human Health DPH
P-01752 Lyme Disease Risk in Wisconsin DPH
P-00884 Drought Toolkit DPH
P-20023 Intensive Treatment Program DCTS
P-02417 Child Diagnostic Interview Protocol DMS
P-02418 Adult Mental Status Evaluation Protocol DMS
P-00953 ForwardHealth Portal Demographic Maintenance Tool User Guide DMS
P-02420A Percent of 5‐and 6‐year‐olds with at least two doses of MMR, 2018 DPH
P-02420B Percent of school‐aged children (ages 5–18) with at least two doses of MMR, 2018 DPH
P-02419 Wisconsin AT4All DPH
P-01170-19 Wisconsin Annual Death Report 2017 (2019) DPH
P-00988 Annual Report to the Legislature on Data Processing Projects OPIB
P-02420 Percent of children with at least one dose of MMR by 24 months of age, 2018 DPH
P-01733 Wisconsin's Zika Response Activity Overview DPH
P-00935 Guide for I/DD per Federal Definition DMS
P-00853 Harmful Algal Blooms Toolkit DPH
P-01714 Department of Health Services Audit Guide OIG
P-01109I West Nile Virus DPH
P-01182 Positive Interferon Gamma Release Assay (IGRA)- What’s Next? DPH
P-02295 Biosafety Recommendations for Individuals Handling Carcasses from Animals Known or Suspected to Have Tuberculosis DPH
P-02413 HealthCheck Bulletin DMS
P-01566 Did You Know? (WIC poster) DPH
P-44958 Expressing Your Breast Milk DPH
P-44959 Storing Expressed Breast Milk DPH
P-44093 WIC Approved Food Shelf DPH
P-02415 Wisconsin Tobacco Morbidity and Mortality Fact Sheet DPH
P-44089 WIC Accepted Here DPH
P-44093A WIC Fruit / Vegetable Shelf DPH
P-44098 WIC Wisconsin Accepted Here Door Decal DPH
P-02414 Working With Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) DPH
P-01610 Report All Prion Diseases DPH
P-02214 Poster: Introducing a New Provider Registry for the Children's Long-Term Support Waiver Program Poster DMS
P-02214A Poster: Opportunities to Increase Your Local Business Poster DMS
P-02401 Hepatitis A just the facts. . . DPH
P-02214B Poster: Get Paid for Home-Based Caregiving Poster DMS
P-02202 Telecommunication Equipment Authorized for Purchase with Telecommunication Assistance Program (TAP) Voucher DPH
P-02246 Deciding Together Guide DMS
P-42114 Partner Services for Persons with HIV Infection DPH
P-02407 Choose Safe Places - Top environmental health resources for child care centers DPH
P-02412 Asthma in Wisconsin 2017 DPH
P-02403 Home-Based Asthma Program Improves Asthma Outcomes DPH
P-02325 CLTS Waiver Rate Setting Initiative: Implementation Timeline DMS
P-02402 Wisconsin Walgreens Rapid HIV Testing Program DPH
P-00242 What Moms Tell Us, Postpartum Depression DPH
P-02396A School Administrator Checklist DPH
P-02406 Clinics and Seal-a-Smile Programs Supported by the Wisconsin Oral Health Program DPH


Last Revised: October 8, 2019