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Real Talks Wisconsin: Take Action

Everyone plays an important role in helping loved ones, friends, and neighbors live their best lives. There are many actions that you can take to prevent and reduce substance use, reduce stigma, and build a supportive community. It starts with real talks, but there's much more you can do.

Two people talking

Six actions beyond real talks to prevent and reduce substance use

  • Talk with local government officials and business leaders. Encourage them to support policies and programs that encourage healthy behaviors and promote equal access to wellness initiatives.
  • Start or join a group focused on preventing and reducing substance use in your area. These groups are often managed by your local health department or school district.
  • Host a public forum about the impacts of substance use in your area. Present the facts and resources to people. This encourages conversations about substance use in public and private spaces.
  • Promote safe disposal of medications. Learn how to get rid of unwanted and expired medications.
  • Recognize the assets in your community and celebrate them together. This builds community cohesiveness, resiliency, and support systems for individuals and groups.
  • Provide meaningful activities in your community. Support events that engage the members of the community in a meaningful way, including those who may be in recovery from a substance use disorder.


Know the resources available to promote Real Talks Wisconsin in your community

We are working with individuals and groups to change the conversation about substance use. Working together, we can build a state where substance use is talked about openly, people in need are connected to treatment, and recovery is in reach for everyone. You are invited to join us in this effort.

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Last revised February 19, 2023