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Resilient Wisconsin: Influence of Conditions and Experiences

Health is everywhere. In fact, nearly every aspect of the world around you relates to your health in many ways. Where you work and live, your relationships, and the groups within your community. These all help shape your opportunities for a healthy life. 

What influences health? 

Get to know what factors can affect all aspects of your health. It can help you learn healthy ways to face life’s challenges head-on. 

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Social determinants of health 

Social determinants of health are the environments and experiences that shape your opportunity for health. These include where you are born, live, work, and age. Learn more about social determinants of health

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Risk and protective factors

Good and bad factors have a powerful influence over your health. These are called protective and risk factors. These influences can be anything from your biology to your relationships and behaviors. Learn more about risk and protective factors.

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Trauma and toxic stress

Trauma is the emotional and physical impact of high levels of harmful stress. We may feel toxic stress when facing strong, frequent, or prolonged challenges. Learn more about trauma and toxic stress.

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Adverse childhood experiences

Traumatic experiences in childhood can have a lasting effect on our lives. Learn more about adverse childhood experiences.

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Trauma-informed practices

An approach to providing services that recognizes past trauma. Learn more about trauma-informed practices.


What are we doing to address these influences?

Building a more resilient state is an ongoing challenge. But we’re committed to addressing Wisconsin’s health challenges. How? By continuing to work to: 

  • Prevent and reduce sources of trauma and toxic stress.
  • Promote a full range of prevention efforts.
  • Make asking for help and building resilience a normal part of life.
  • Reduce the stigma experienced by those who live with or are affected by trauma.
  • Bring different programs and communities together to prevent trauma and its effects.

Overcome these influences

What's at the heart of building resilience? Learning ways to cope with, and bounce back from, tough times in healthy ways. This is how we prevent becoming overwhelmed by things like toxic stress or trauma. 


Build resilience

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Last revised July 10, 2023