2017 State and County Contract for Social Services and Community Programs

Division of Enterprise Services (DES): State and County Contract, Numbered Memos and Program Allocations

DES Numbered Memos contain material that is strictly informational and time-limited. They include announcements about budget allocations and provide details on the State and County Contract Covering Social Services and Community Programs.


Advisory Notification of Final Allocated  2017 Contract  Covering Social Services and Community Programs - (PDF, 36 KB)

Department of Health Services (DHS) Allocations:

2017 Department of Health Services Final Allocations (Excel, 461 KB)

For the most current Fiscal information about the 2017 State-County Contracts visit the Community Aids Reporting System (CARS) webpage. 

Base Contract and Appendices:

2017 State and County Base Contract (PDF, 284 KB)

2017 State and County Base Signature Pages (PDF, 86 KB)

2017 Appendix List

State and County Allocation Reports (MAP)

All signature pages have been consolidated into one document for completion.  The document includes four components:

Certification regarding lobbying
Certification regarding debarment and suspension
Business Associate Agreement
Contract Signature Page

All pages must be signed, scanned and emailed to the Department of Health Services Shari Rodenkirch at Sheryl.Rodenkirch@dhs.wisconsin.gov and copy Lucinda Champion at Lucindak.champion@dhs.wisconsin.gov.  Please return all signature pages no later than December 21, 2016.


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