Tuberculosis (TB) - Statistics

State and County data are used by hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities to prepare annual risk assessments. Verified Wisconsin population demographics and other data are not available until September each year from the CDC, World Health Organization and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. If assessments are completed before September, only data from two years back will be available. For example, if one does a risk assessment for 2015 in March, no verified 2014 data will be available and one would need to use the published 2013 data.  Wisconsin TB cases by county will be updated each year in September to include the previous year.  

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      Jo Mercurio - Office operations/Dispensary
      Pa Vang - TB nurse consultant 
      Philip Wegner - TB nurse consultant
      Savitri Tsering - Refugee health coordinator 

Last Revised: October 6, 2015