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Wisconsin TB Assistance Program

The Wisconsin Tuberculosis (TB) Treatment Assistance Program (WTBTAP) is designed to encourage and support clients through the completion of treatment for TB or latent TB infection (LTBI) by providing funding to purchase treatment assistance aids.

A variety of pills and capsules scattered.

  • TB treatment assistance aids help clients overcome barriers and motivate them to complete their TB treatment. Some examples include:
    • Bus tokens or taxi vouchers to get to clinic appointments.
    • Nutritional supplements like Ensure for someone with a poor appetite.
    • Yogurt or applesauce for a child who dislikes the taste of medication.
  • TB treatment assistance aids do not need to be elaborate or expensive. Food, small clothing items, hobby supplies, toys, juice boxes, gift cards, or stickers are a few examples of treatment assistance aids.

  • Without pre-approval from the Wisconsin TB Program, TB treatment assistance aids are capped at:
    • $200 for clients being treated for active TB disease.
    • $50 for clients being treated for LTBI.
  • Please see gift card restrictions in the Policies and Procedures Manual, P-02365 (PDF)
  • Sometimes it may be appropriate to provide treatment assistance above the capped rates if a client has a particular need (e.g., rent, utility bill or phone bill assistance). Treatment assistance above the capped amount must be pre-approved by the Wisconsin TB Program.

  1. Read the WTBTAP Policies and Procedures Manual, P-02365 (PDF)
  2. Complete and sign the Enrollment and Agreement form, F-02462 (PDF). Return the form to the Wisconsin TB Program. Once you enroll, you will need to review and sign the Enrollment and Agreement form on an annual basis.
  3. Purchase TB Treatment Assistance aids for your client.
  4. Request reimbursement by filling out the Request for Reimbursement form, F-02463 (PDF). Itemize the treatment assistance aid purchases and attach all receipts to the form. Return the form to the Wisconsin TB Program.
  5. For special requests (above the capped rates), please complete the Special Request form, F-02461. (PDF) Return the form to the Wisconsin TB Program.


Send all enrollment and request forms to the Wisconsin TB Program:

Wisconsin TB Treatment Assistance Program, Division of Public Health, Tuberculosis Program
1 W. Wilson Street, room 255
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: 608-261-6319, Fax: 608-266-0049
Email the Wisconsin TB Program


Questions about the Wisconsin TB Assistance Program? Contact us!
Phone: 608-261-6319 | Fax: 608-266-0049

Last revised September 20, 2019