Age-Adjusted Mortality Rates For Selected Age Groups

Use this measure when you need age-adjusted rates for selected age groups – such as ages 0-14, ages 35-44, or ages 55-64 and 75+. This measure adjusts for the size of the population denominator and thus provides age-adjusted rates that are consistent with the selected age group populations.

When using this measure, select only a row variable to define the output, not a column variable. If you selected Ranked Causes as a measure, you need to select "Causes of Death" as a row variable. Otherwise the selected row variable should be either Geographic Area, Years, or one of the demographic variables (Age Groups, Sex, Race, or Hispanic Ethnicity.)

If an age-adjusted rate for the entire population (all ages) is desired, use the Age-adjusted Rate measure.

Prior to October 2007 the age-adjusted rate for selected age groups measure provided inaccurate results for some counties. This problem has now been fixed. WISH users are advised to verify that conclusions based on previous queries have not changed due to the modification.


Last Revised: April 28, 2015