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Behavioral Risk Factor Survey Module Output Tables

The percents in columns total 100%.

Percents and estimated populations are based on weighted observations. "Interviews" shows the actual unweighted number of responses in each category. The "95% Confidence Interval (+/-)" is the number of percentage points around the "Estimated Percentage" within which you can be 95% confident that the true population percentage lies. The confidence interval around the estimated populations can easily be calculated from the tables. See "Confidence Intervals" for more discussion and direction.

If the number of interviews totals less than 100 in a table, then the results are highly unstable and you should add more survey years. It is optimal if the number of interviews totals at least 400.

The "Estimated Number in Population" is the estimated numbers of persons in each row category. If more than one survey year is included and the column variable is not year, then the "Estimated Number in Population" reflects the combined population of all years. Divide this by the number of years to calculate an average annual estimated population in each category.

To copy an output table into a word processing or spreadsheet application:

  1. Select the output you want to save by highlighting.
  2. Select EDIT, COPY in your browser.
  3. PASTE the results into the application.


Last revised December 2, 2014