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WISH Query: Population Module

(Data updated October 2023)

This module presents population counts and estimates for Wisconsin, for 1990 and subsequent years. Numbers are available statewide, by region, and by county. Information on population estimate creation can be found on the methods page.

To define your query, select a measure in step 1. You may focus on certain counties or regions for the most recent year or a range of years. You may also select data for age groups, sex, race or Hispanic ethnicity.

Finally, choose row and column variables for your table. After you submit your request, the process may take up to one minute to produce results.

If you are interested in seeing prepared tables showing Wisconsin population estimates by county, please visit the DHS Wisconsin Population Estimates page.

Step 1. Which measure do you wish to focus on?


Note: The Population Density measure requires that you select only a single year in Step 3. It also requires that "Geographic Area" is the row variable in Step 5 and that no column variable is selected in Step 6.

Note: The median age is one way of expressing the average age, and represents the midpoint of all persons in the group (half are older and half are younger than the median age).

Step 2. Choose one or more geographic areas

You can ask for data for the entire state of Wisconsin or for smaller geographic areas. All locations refer to place of residence.

State: Click the "Wisconsin statewide" button. (This is the default option.)
Region: Click the "Region" button. Then click one region, or hold down the Control (Ctrl) key and click multiple regions. See region map.
County: Click the "County" button. Then click one county, or hold down the Control (Ctrl) key and click multiple counties.

Note: To see results for individual areas, first select the areas of interest here, then choose "Geographic Area" as a ROW or COLUMN variable in Step 5 or 6 below.

Geographic Area

Step 3. Choose one or more years

You can choose to see data for the latest available year (2021). Or you can choose to see one or more single years, or one or more groups of years.

Single year(s): Click the "One or more years" button. Then click a year, or hold down the Control (Ctrl) key and click multiple years.

Note: To see results for a series of years (or a series of year groups), first select the years of interest here, then choose "Years" as a ROW or COLUMN variable in Step 5 or 6 below.


One or more years:

Step 4. Choose a specific subpopulation (optional)

After seeing the results from your variable selections above, you may wish to see results for a specific subpopulation. (Example: Population 18-19 years of age, by sex.) Choose one or more of the following variables to see results for those characteristics.

Specific Characteristics

Individual characteristics

Age Groups are not available for the Median Age measure.

Step 5. Choose a row variable:

Row Variable

Step 6. Choose a column variable (optional):

Column Variable

To send your request for data now.

To clear all selections and start over.

Last revised November 1, 2023