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Wisconsin Violent Death Reporting System

Deaths were included in the Wisconsin Violent Death Reporting System if the following criteria were met:

  • Manner of death was suicide, homicide, legal intervention, terrorism, unintentional firearm, or of undetermined intent; and
  • Cause of death (underlying or contributing) was coded as one or more of the following ICD-10 external cause of death codes:
Manner of death and ICD-10 Codes
Manner of Death ICD-10 Codes
Death <1 year
after the injury
ICD-10 Codes
Death ≥1 year
after the injury
Intentional self harm (suicide) X60-X84 Y87.0
Assault (homicide) X85-X99, Y00-Y09 Y87.1
Event of undetermined intent Y10-Y34 Y87.2, Y89.9
Unintentional exposure to inanimate mechanical forces (firearms) W32-W34 Y86 determined to be due to firearms
Legal intervention excluding legal executions (Code Y35.5) Y35.0-Y35.4, Y35.6-Y35.7 Y89.0
Terrorism U01, U03 U02

Table prepared by the Office of Health Informatics, Division of Public Health, Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Criteria for inclusion were specified by the Wisconsin Violent Death Reporting System, created jointly by the Firearm Injury Center, Medical College of Wisconsin, and the Injury Prevention Program, Division of Public Health.

Last revised July 6, 2020