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Aging: Alzheimer’s Family and Caregiver Support Program

The Alzheimer’s Family and Caregiver Support Program (AFCSP) has been helping Wisconsin families since 1985. The Wisconsin legislature created the program in response to the growing number of families caring for loved ones at home with irreversible dementia. This page includes more about the AFCSP. You also can contact your county and tribal aging office to learn more or apply.

Apply for AFCSP

Who is eligible

To join AFCSP, a person must:

  • Have Alzheimer’s disease or another type of irreversible dementia. There must be a doctor’s statement to confirm the diagnosis.
  • Have an income of $48,000 each year or less. Note:
    • If you have a partner or spouse, you must make less than $48,000 combined.
    • If you make more than $48,000, you can subtract costs for Alzheimer’s care when determining income. This means you may be eligible even if your net income is more than $48,000.

How AFCSP works

The Wisconsin Bureau of Aging and Disability Resources is in charge of AFCSP. They give AFCSP funds to each county and tribe. Funds help:

  • Caregivers buy services and goods to care for someone with Alzheimer’s. Members may receive up to $4,000 each depending on the county’s priorities and a person’s need for services.
  • Counties are allowed to expand and create new services for people with dementia.

What services are covered

AFCSP covers services needed to keep a person with Alzheimer’s living in the community. Services can include:

  • Adult day care.
  • In-home help.
  • Respite care.
  • Support groups and self-care.
  • Transportation.

Goods can include:

  • Chair lifts.
  • Hobby supplies.
  • Meals sent to your home.
  • Nutrition supplements.
  • Security systems.
  • Special clothes.

Your county may limit the types of services AFCSP covers. They may use some AFCSP funding to:

  • Buy library books.
  • Increase public awareness.
  • Offer overnight or emergency respite.
  • Start adult day services.
  • Start more support groups.

Who to contact for help

To learn more about AFSCP, contact your county and tribal aging office.

You can also contact the Wisconsin Bureau of Aging and Disability Resources at 608-266-2536.

Last revised July 19, 2022