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Asthma: The Wisconsin Asthma Program

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The Wisconsin Asthma Program works to:

  • Help local communities identify, evaluate, and carry out actions that improve asthma outcomes.
  • Carry out the Wisconsin Asthma Plan with local partners.
  • Monitor changes in asthma rates and how well Wisconsinites' asthma is controlled over time.
  • Prioritize and carry out public health interventions for asthma that help people with asthma live their best lives.
  • Use CDC’s (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) EXHALE strategies to improve asthma control and lower health-care costs.

The latest

Program history

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) has monitored asthma since 1992 and began coordinating asthma interventions two years later. DHS expanded its asthma program in 2001 with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In 2003, it adopted its first asthma plan in partnership with the Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin. The plan provided a blueprint the state could use to help improve the lives of people with asthma. The updated Wisconsin Asthma Plan 2021–2025 (PDF) is now available.

Today, the Wisconsin Asthma Program partners with the Wisconsin Asthma Coalition to carry out the goals of the state’s asthma plan.

Adult holding an asthma inhaler for a young child
Last revised April 13, 2023