DHS and Wisconsin Asthma Coalition

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Wisconsin Asthma Coalition

DHS partners with the Children's Health Alliance of Wisconsin to coordinate the Wisconsin Asthma Coalition (WAC), which has been in existence since 2001. The coalition is made up of a dedicated group of over 280 members who are working to improve asthma education, prevention, management and services and reduce the disproportionate burden of asthma among disparately impacted populations. Members have many opportunities to participate in WAC through the Executive Committee, workgroups, WAC meetings and local asthma coalitions.

DHS partnership with the Wisconsin Asthma Coalition

DHS provides CDC asthma funding to the Children's Health Alliance of Wisconsin to coordinate WAC, integrate partnership activities, and facilitate the maintenance and implementation of the Wisconsin Asthma Plan. 

DHS asthma staff serve as members of the WAC Executive Committee, Core Team, participate in various workgroups and chair the environment/work-related asthma and surveillance workgroups. DHS also provides evaluation support to the Coalition and the many projects being conducted statewide. 

Environmental and Occupational Health Resources

  • Controlling Asthma in the Home: A Guide for Landlords and Tenants P-45108 (PDF, 151 KB) - A brochure to educate landlords and tenants of rental properties about basic asthma facts and statistics. It describes common asthma triggers found in the home, and provides easy steps a landlord/tenant can take to avoid/control these triggers.
    • Spanish version P-45108S (PDF, 163 KB)
    • Hmong version P-45108H (PDF, 178 KB)
  • Healthy Homes Poster (PDF, 661 KB) -This poster could be used in a variety of settings, including schools, day cares, public health departments, community centers and clinician offices to initiate dialogue on hazards in the home. 
  • Outdoor Wood Boilers - Guidance for local government and public health officials on the use and regulation of outdoor wood boilers (OWBs).
  • Wisconsin Environmental Public Health Tracking - The program partners with other agencies and organizations for health information data and identifying environmental contaminants.
  • Work-related Asthma in Wisconsin (April 2009) (PDF, 1.1 MB)

Surveillance Resources

  • Burden of Asthma in Wisconsin - 2013 P-45055-2013 (PDF, 9.9 MB) - This comprehensive statistical report about asthma in Wisconsin is an update of our 2010 burden report. The report includes information on the following topics:
  • Who has asthma in Wisconsin?

  • Factors associated with asthma

  • Asthma management and quality of life

  • Work-related asthma

  • Health care utilization for asthma

  • Asthma in government-funded programs

  • Asthma mortality

  • Meeting Healthy People 2020 Asthma Goals in Wisconsin

  • Burden of Asthma in Wisconsin, 2010 (PDF, 8.1 MB)
  • Burden of Asthma in Wisconsin, 2007 (PDF, 6.8 MB). Note: Corrections for errors found in the 2007 report since its publication can be seen in this errata sheet (PDF, 35 KB).

Asthma in Wisconsin: For asthma facts and figures specific to a local asthma coalition, county, or metropolitan area, please contact us.

Last Revised: November 25, 2014