Caregiver Training

Wisconsin Caregiver Program Training

In addition to The Wisconsin Caregiver Program Manual, several webcasts offer information for caregivers and entity owners about various requirements of Wisconsin's Caregiver Law.

Conducting Internal Investigations of Caregiver Misconduct

  • Step-by-step explanation of background check requirements for caregivers and entity owners/operators:
Caregiver Background Check Process

Abuse and Neglect Prevention Training

Wisconsin was one of three states to receive federal pilot funding to create and deliver abuse and neglect prevention training for caregivers in long term care settings.    Wisconsin's innovative training approach utilizes multiple modes of delivery, including an experiential component and a series of topical workshops and a DVD-based training.

Train the Trainer Sessions:

DQA offers training for entities to learn how to conduct the various workshops listed below.  To learn more about upcoming statewide train-the-trainer sessions or to obtain copies of any of the training materials go to:  The Wisconsin Caregiver Project

DVD Training:

Six video based scenarios of caregiver misconduct offer strategies for caregivers to prevent abuse and neglect.  To request a copy of the DVD training, go to:  DVD Caregiver Abuse and Neglect Prevention Training

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