Misconduct Registry

Wisconsin maintains a registry of names of individuals with substantiated findings of misconduct (PDF). The registry also contains information about nurse aides and the status of certification requirements under state and federal law. The individuals recently placed on the Wisconsin Misconduct Registry is updated monthly.

Effect of Registry Finding

Unless approved through rehabilitation review, persons with findings of abuse, neglect, or misappropriation of client property on the misconduct registry are ineligible for:

  • Authorization to work in roles that have regular and direct contact with patients/resident/clients
  • Department approval (license, certification, registration, etc.) to operate a treatment program or service
  • Department approval to reside in a treatment facility as a non-client or non-employee

August 1, 2021, through July 31, 2022, names placed on Misconduct Registry

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List of names placed on Misconduct Registry in most recent 12 months
Name Finding Date Finding Type
SKINNER, ASHLEY B 07/29/2022 Neglect
VANG, CHER K 07/18/2022 Misappropriation
SWENSON-WARD, KENDRA D 07/14/2022 Neglect
CARDENAS, TONYA N 07/14/2022 Abuse
RAMSEY, KIM L 07/05/2022 Neglect
TELLIS, TRENISE 06/28/2022 Neglect
VIVERETTE, ANITA M 06/27/2022 Neglect
VIVERETTE, ANITA M 06/27/2022 Neglect
FREY, HILARY J 06/20/2022 Misappropriation
MEDINA, KRISTY A 06/13/2022 Misappropriation
LINDSEY, OLYMPIA L 06/13/2022 Abuse
DART, EMMANUEL J 06/13/2022 Abuse
PRESTON, JASMINE D 06/09/2022 Neglect
DUCHOW, ABBY R 06/07/2022 Neglect
WHITE, KEAIRA A 06/03/2022 Neglect
PREINFALK, DOMINIQUE R 06/03/2022 Misappropriation
MCOLLOUGH, MISTY J 06/03/2022 Neglect
FULLWOOD, BRENDA J 06/03/2022 Abuse
TUMA, AMANDA L 05/23/2022 Abuse
SCOTT, SANTANA K 05/16/2022 Abuse
MATSON, AYMEE J 05/16/2022 Abuse
SMITH, KRISTIN L 05/13/2022 Misappropriation
LEE, TANYA 05/04/2022 Neglect
RABEHL, JENNA K 04/21/2022 Misappropriation
PORTIS, SHAWNEE 04/21/2022 Misappropriation
LAWRENCE, BRIANNA M 04/21/2022 Neglect
FITZ, LEON 04/21/2022 Abuse
PRICE, BREANNA N 04/11/2022 Neglect
FISHER, BRIANNA 04/07/2022 Abuse
WHITE, TARA A 03/28/2022 Abuse
STECKBAUER, BRYCE N 03/23/2022 Neglect
JOHNSON, KIMBALL 03/23/2022 Misappropriation
KSIAZYK-JAMISON, JAMYE L 03/21/2022 Misappropriation
HILLIARD, AUDRA 03/18/2022 Neglect
CONKEY, KATHERINE L 03/18/2022 Abuse
SORUM, BECKY L 03/14/2022 Misappropriation
HENRY, DENISE L 03/07/2022 Neglect
KSIAZYK-JAMISON, JAMYE L 03/02/2022 Misappropriation
DAUGHENBAUGH, AMY M 02/28/2022 Abuse
JELEN, CYDNEY R 02/22/2022 Misappropriation
CRAWFORD, AMBERDAWN M 02/17/2022 Abuse
LEE, MATTHEW L 02/08/2022 Abuse
KUNDERT, ALEX 02/01/2022 Abuse
LAPLANTE, MICHAEL 01/28/2022 Neglect
SCHROECKENTHALER, ELIZABETH 01/24/2022 Misappropriation
ROGERS, CANDACE R 01/24/2022 Neglect
NICHOLS, DIANE M 01/24/2022 Misappropriation
LENDT, ALEXIS J 01/24/2022 Neglect
JACKSON, ALONZO 01/24/2022 Neglect
OSHKOSH, MANIH L 01/06/2022 Neglect
O'NEIL, JADE M 01/06/2022 Neglect
FULLER, CRYSTAL M 01/06/2022 Neglect
MORGAN, TERI L 12/30/2021 Abuse
PETERSON, CHARMAINE L 12/22/2021 Neglect
ROGERS, RASHAWNDA 12/10/2021 Abuse
HAMILTON, JENNIFER A 12/10/2021 Misappropriation
JENKINS, KIARRA C 12/06/2021 Misappropriation
TEASE, ETHAN 11/29/2021 Neglect
JONES, FELECIA 11/29/2021 Abuse
HICKS, CHARNELL 11/29/2021 Neglect
HEINZ, MYEISHA A 11/29/2021 Neglect
DILLON, SHAVON Y 11/29/2021 Neglect
BIBB, KIM M 11/29/2021 Misappropriation
TUBBS, JESSICA K 11/23/2021 Abuse
STEELE, MYA S 11/23/2021 Neglect
FOGELTANZ, JULIAN S 11/23/2021 Neglect
CRANE, BRIAN 11/23/2021 Neglect
BARROWS, DEANNA M 11/23/2021 Neglect
HUBBARD, RACHAEL 11/16/2021 Neglect
MITCHELL, TIFFANY A 11/15/2021 Misappropriation
LEE, TANYA 11/15/2021 Neglect
GREEN, JESTINE 11/15/2021 Abuse
STEWART, AMARIGE Y 11/08/2021 Neglect
MISSLING, DAVID T 11/08/2021 Misappropriation
JANSEN, JACOB A 11/08/2021 Neglect
HANSON, SETH A 11/08/2021 Abuse
GILBERT, KRISTY L 11/08/2021 Abuse
CZIMER, SEARRIA 11/08/2021 Abuse
JACKSON, CHRISSY M 10/29/2021 Neglect
HARTER, ELIZABETH 10/29/2021 Abuse
HERA, CHAYA D 10/19/2021 Abuse
BOND, OCEAN P 10/19/2021 Neglect
ZIMMERMAN, BRANDI 10/13/2021 Misappropriation
SPENCER, IESHA 10/13/2021 Neglect
PEETE, SHAMERA T 10/13/2021 Neglect
JOHNSON, THAYA 10/06/2021 Abuse
GARCIA, FROYLAN 10/06/2021 Neglect
ZARCO, KYLA 09/29/2021 Abuse
WINFIELD, LASHONA T 09/29/2021 Misappropriation
PATTERSON, SHANETTA A 09/29/2021 Misappropriation
FLOURO, TERRI J 09/20/2021 Misappropriation
VILLENEUVE, BRITTANY 09/15/2021 Misappropriation
MILLER, LISSA A 09/15/2021 Misappropriation
DEROUIN, BRANDON 09/13/2021 Misappropriation
BRUMLEY, BRENDA D 09/13/2021 Misappropriation
WELDON, LESLIE 09/10/2021 Abuse
WINSTROM, TODD 09/08/2021 Neglect
KENTLE, DEON 09/07/2021 Neglect
LUNA, ZAHIRA 08/25/2021 Misappropriation
WOZNIAK, SPENCER 08/23/2021 Abuse
TETZLAFF, MAXINE C 08/23/2021 Misappropriation
SENKBEIL, ANDREA 08/23/2021 Misappropriation
TURNER, GLENDA M 08/13/2021 Neglect
Last Revised: August 9, 2022