Children's Community Options Program (CCOP) - How to Apply

Families apply for services locally. The application process includes an eligibility determination. When a family requests services or is referred to the program, a service coordinator schedules a home visit to begin the eligibility determination process. The service coordinator gathers information from a variety of sources, which may include interviews with the family, contacting other professionals who work with the child, reviewing the child’s medical history and/or educational records, and more.

The family and service coordinator work together to identify the child and family’s unique capacities, strengths, needs, and desired outcomes, and explore a variety of supports as they develop a service plan. Formal supports may include medical, social services, and educational resources. Informal supports may include friends, family, neighbors, community groups, businesses, and organizations. Through this process, the service coordinator may help families learn about and access services in their community.


Last Revised: February 2, 2022