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Services for Children with Delays or Disabilities: Fiscal Resources for Counties

We have finance resources for county waiver agencies (CWAs) involved in children’s programs. These relate to program costs and reporting.

Reconciliation packet

CWAs must complete a Reconciliation Packet each year for most children’s programs. This includes:

This list has reconciliation forms and instructions:

This list has examples and other resources for the reconciliation process:

Support and service coordination rate setting

CWAs play a key role in support and service coordination for CLTS and other children’s programs. The state requires you to give a cost-based, 15-minute rate for support and service coordination you provide. To do this, complete CWA Support and Service Coordination Rates, F-00539.

These forms are due in late October before the next calendar year. If the form is for 2023, it is due October 2022. The Division of Medicaid Services defines the exact due date each year.

Email filled out forms to

CLTS third party administration

Learn more about third party administration claims processing:

Who to contact for fiscal help

Use these contacts based on the program.

Join the CLTS and CCOP Fiscal Topics Email List

Last revised May 11, 2022