Extreme Heat Preparedness in Milwaukee

Woman drinking water on a hot dayIn Wisconsin, Milwaukee is one of the more vulnerable locations during an extreme heat event. Because of this, we are working with local partners in Milwaukee to learn how prepared residents are for an extreme heat event. We are following the Community Assessment for Public Health Emergency Response (CASPER) model.

When is this taking place?

On Friday, September 14, and Saturday, September 15, our team of community health workers will be going door to door in some Milwaukee communities to ask residents about their ability to cope with an extreme heat event. The information collected will be used by Milwaukee communities to better prepare for, and respond to, extreme heat events.

What Milwaukee residents should know:

  • Not every community will be surveyed.
  • Volunteers in bright green shirts will be walking around the neighborhood knocking on doors.
  • Your participation is optional and will take 15–20 minutes.
  • This survey is set up to collect anonymous responses, as respondents do not provide any personally identifiable information.


What will happen with the information?

We plan to share the results with everyone, especially those who participated. The information may be used by community partners to make changes that improve the community's health.

Last Revised: September 7, 2018