Flood Hazards and Recovery

Every year, areas of Wisconsin are routinely flooded. If you live or work in an area likely to flood, take some simple steps to protect yourself and your property:    

  • Do NOT swim or bathe in rivers, streams, creeks, or lakes in flooded areas.

  • Keep yourself and your family healthy by making sure clean and safe drinking water is on hand at all times.

For more information on cleaning your home after a flood, using bleach, and potential hazards related to flooding, see the side bar.


Recovering Safely From a Flood

Stay Healthy and Safe. Watch this video on How to protect your health and stay safe when recovering from a flood. (Webcast, help)  It covers important topics such as re-entering your home, dealing with mold, food safety, and cleanup.

Watch our video to learn about flood recovery


Wisconsin DNR Resources

Test Your Well Water. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) provides guidance on how to cope with a flooded well. Private well owners whose well has been submerged by flood waters should:

  • Wait until flood waters recede before testing the well. 
  • Drink water from a known safe source. 
  • Contact your local health department to obtain a well water test kit.
Last Revised: June 11, 2015