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Climate and Health: Extreme Heat

Warm temperatures combined with high humidity levels can pose a risk of heat-related illness and death. Extreme heat is described as temperatures that hover 10 degrees or more above the average high temperature for the region and last for several weeks. Humid or muggy conditions, which add to the discomfort of high temperatures, occur when a "dome" of high atmospheric pressure traps hazy, damp air near the ground.

Young adult drinking bottled water in the sunshine

Heat health recommendations

Learn how to stay cool, healthy, and safe when extreme heat hits your community.

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For health professionals

The Department of Health Services (DHS) provides health professionals and community leaders with educational material to build resilient communities.


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Wisconsin heat projects

Learn how DHS is working to bring equitable and sustainable programs for extreme heat adaptation to the people of Wisconsin.




Additional information

Spanish language resources

Heat-related Spanish materials – Red Cross

Last revised May 11, 2023