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Climate and Health: Summer Safety Tips

Below is some information to help you enjoy the outdoors and stay safe during warm weather.

A cake stall with adults and children.

Summertime food safety

Bacteria grows more rapidly in warmer temperatures. General food safety, P-44970 (PDF) rules and "picnic protocols" and "grilling guidelines" will help keep your meals safe.

Summer recreation safety

Wisconsin is known for its many recreational opportunities. Learn more about recreational safety at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Recreational Safety Education website.

Recreational water safety

Learn more about safely enjoying the many recreational water activities available in Wisconsin including swimming, boating and fishing. In addition to safety tips and information, there are materials regarding the beach monitoring done in Wisconsin to ensure your trip to the water is safe and healthy.

Hot weather and the sun

Heat and humidity can be dangerous. You can protect yourself and loved ones in extreme temperatures. The American Cancer Society says the best way to avoid skin cancer is to avoid being outdoors in intense sunlight too long, and to practice sun safety when you are outdoors.

Animals and "creepy-crawlers"

You may interact with animals and wildlife while visiting fairs, petting zoos or taking walks in the outdoors. Always wash your hands after interacting with an animal to prevent spread of disease.

Severe weather

Plan for thunderstorms, tornadoes and flooding.

Fireworks safety

Fireworks can cause serious injury or death if they are used improperly. The safest way to enjoy fireworks is to let professionals handle the displays.

Last revised April 24, 2023