Council on Physical Disabilities

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July 2020: Wisconsin Council on Physical Disabilities 2021 Quarterly meeting dates available on the Meetings tab.

March 2020: CPD offers an Emergency Preparedness Toolkit during COVID19 Emergency. This toolkit has information and forms to help individuals with disabilities prepare for emergencies. Check out the Emergency Preparedness Toolkit including information and forms to guide you through thinking about what you need.


The Wisconsin Council on Physical Disabilities was created by the state legislature in 1989. Its mission, established by Wisconsin state statute 46.29 is to:

  • Develop and implement a state plan for services to people with physical disabilities.
  • Advise and make recommendations to state agencies on relevant legislation.
  • Promote public awareness about the abilities of and barriers to people with physical disabilities.
  • Encourage the development of programs and policies that prevent physical disabilities.
  • And submit recommendations in an annual report to the state legislature.

Please note: The Council on Physical Disabilities (CPD) values your input on program, policies, and legislation that impacts people with disabilities. The CPD works on and recommends changes in disability programs and policies. The CPD does not provide: financial assistance, direct service provision, oversight, legal advice, or enforcement of business, facilities, providers, or services in violation of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Last Revised: February 4, 2021

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