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Community Recovery Services: Provider Trainings

Providers can use the resources listed here to complete Community Recovery Services (CRS) orientation or training requirements from DCTS Action Memo 2023-10—Updates to the Community Recovery Services Program (PDF).

Video trainings focused on CRS

Expand each section to view the video.

This presentation gives an overview of CRS. It’s helpful for:

  • Counties and tribal nations that want to offer CRS.
  • Newly certified CRS counties and tribal nations.

There isn’t a certificate of completion.

View the slides: An Introduction: CRS (PDF)

This presentation is for:

  • Newly certified CRS counties and tribal nations.
  • Newly certified contract providers:
    • Adult family homes.
    • Community-based residential facilities.
    • Peer support.
    • Residential care apartment complexes.
    • Supported employment agencies.
    • Supportive home care agencies.

Topics covered include:

  • General overview of CRS.
  • Description of the three CRS benefit groups—community living supportive services, peer support, and supported employment.
  • Progress note requirements.
  • Examples of suitable and unsuitable progress notes.

For a certificate of completion and a copy of the slides—Complete the Introduction to CRS Presentation Evaluation Survey, F-02961.

Video training focused on Person-Centered Planning

Take a free online training that reviews the core parts of Person-Centered Planning practice. A certificate of completion is available.

Last revised May 3, 2023