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Division of Care and Treatment Services (DCTS)

The Division of Care and Treatment Services (DCTS) manages and supports seven care and treatment facilities for people living with psychiatric disorders and intellectual disabilities, community mental health and substance use services, community mental health and substance use treatment services for people in the criminal justice system, and the protection of client rights for people receiving services for intellectual disabilities, mental health, and substance use.

Grow the health care career and future you've always wanted. We're hiring!

We are currently hiring nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, and certified nursing assistants to fill essential health care positions in our seven care and treatment facilities across Wisconsin. If you’re ready to advance your career and enrich your personal life, all while creating an impact on the lives of the patients under our care, explore our available positions.

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Our spirit: What we do. What we represent.

Whether day or night, weekdays, weekends, or holidays, we are a team focused on supporting individual and community health and well-being. Our interconnected web of care helps all state residents live their best lives. 

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We serve all state residents from offices and facilities located across Wisconsin.

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Last revised April 2, 2024