CWC - Services

CWC has been providing quality services for people with intellectual disabilities and complex care needs since 1959.

Short-Term Services

All individuals supported in short-term programs must have a diagnosis of intellectual disability. Each of the short-term programs focuses on serving individuals with particular needs.

To learn more about short-term services at CWC, contact:

Paul Smith, MSW

Residential Services

More than 200 people live in the residential program at CWC. CWC has not admitted any new individuals to be supported in this program since 1995.  This is consistent with the statutory purpose of CWC, which is to provide services needed by individuals with intellectual disabilities that are otherwise unavailable to them, and to return those individuals to the community when their needs can be met at the local level. Ongoing active treatment is provided so individuals can acquire skills toward personal independence in order to attain a high quality of life.

This active treatment is delivered through an interdisciplinary team process which identifies needs and provides services and treatment in the areas of medical monitoring and intervention, nursing and personal care, dental, nutritional, psychological, educational, vocational and social work services, communication, physical and occupational therapies, recreational and music therapies. Rehabilitation technology services provide custom fit individualized wheelchair seating systems.

Ninety-six percent of the people supported at CWC have a profound intellectual disability and physical and medical needs that require total assistance in daily cares such as eating, dressing, and bathing, as well as ongoing medical and nursing care monitoring of their health.

Last Revised: May 15, 2017