LTCare Data Warehouse Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I use for the "System" at the login screen?


How do I request access?

Contact your local security administrator.

What do I select for "Authentication" at the login screen?


How often is the data refreshed or loaded into the data warehouse?

Various sets of data are loaded at various times of the month. The short answer is that Functional Screen data is loaded monthly, and Encounter data is loaded weekly.  Encounter Data is loaded once each week, only after its submission is certified.  Functional Screen data is loaded once at the beginning of each month.

Details about the data loads are in a report named DSS Load Status. This report is updated daily at 6 A.M. and placed in a Web Intelligence public folder named Common Reports. Use the tab named LTCare Data Warehouse Load Status Report.

Who do I contact if I need help?

First, contact your organization's local trainer.  Each organization has at least one person who has received training in the use of Web Intelligence and the LTCare Data Warehouse.  This person can lead classes and provide one-on-one training. This person is your first, most accessible, and fastest source of help.  Also, check the online reference guides found on the training materials page and the reference page.   For BusinessObjects issues e-mail your question to the HP Help Desk at  If you have a general question about the data warehouse, contact the SOS Desk by phone at (608) 266-9198.  You may also request assistance by e-mail at

What does NR stand for in my results?

NR stands for not reported.  In the data marts, any code field that was empty will have a value of "NR", any 1 character field like a Y/N field will have a value of "U", any empty date field will have a value of 1/1/1500, a number field will be 0, and any empty long description field will have a value of "Value Unknown / Not Reported".

We made a design decision to stay away from null or empty values because they will cause people trouble as they use the data. For example, if you were adding two COB amounts, such as Medicare COB plus Other Payer Primary COB, where Medicare COB amounts to $100 and Other Payer Primary COB equals null then the sum of the two amounts equals null ($100+null=null). To complicate matters, null and an empty string ('') are also two different results.  If you have a criteria where you want all blank values, you have to specifically ask for null values or empty strings or you won't get what you expect.

We wanted to avoid all that complicated confusion, so we defaulted empty strings and null values to NR or the equivalent.

Can I create reports that combine LTCare data with other universes?

You can use any of the universes available to you in Web Intelligence. The universes with a name that includes LTCare . . . Datamart Universe do enable combining data. In some cases, it may be reasonable and possible to combine LTCare data with data from other universes. In order to do this, you will need to know the data very well and have advanced skills in using Web Intelligence or get technical help.

Last Revised: December 16, 2014