Wisconsin Funeral and Cemetery Aids Program (WFCAP) FAQ

WFCAP is an assistance program for service providers who offer funeral, cremation, and cemetery services to eligible decedents, and whose services are not fully compensated by the decedent’s estate, family, or other resources. For policy guidelines regarding WFCAP, refer to the WFCAP Manual. The following are frequently asked questions about WFCAP.

General WFCAP Questions

1. Where do I get the WFCAP application?

The WFCAP Application, F-10141, is available online on the DHS website in the Forms Library.

2. Where can I get the WFCAP manual?

The WFCAP Manual is available online on the WFCAP webpage.

3. Can a WFCAP application be faxed?

Yes. Application forms can be faxed to 608-266-8317, with attention to WFCAP.

4. Should I call WFCAP before submitting an application?

It is recommended that service providers call WFCAP at 888-859-0611 after the death of an individual to check whether he or she may be potentially eligible for WFCAP benefits prior to submitting an application.

5. How are service providers notified about policy changes to WFCAP?

A WFCAP Update will be published 30-45 days prior to the policies being implemented. Updates are posted to the WFCAP webpage, emailed to the WFCAP listserv (sign up for the listserv), and distributed through the Wisconsin Funeral Directors Association.

6. Who is responsible for submitting the WFCAP application—the funeral home or the cemetery/crematory?

Either service provider can submit the application, depending on what works best, but it is preferred that only one application—that includes both funeral and cemetery charges—be submitted for each decedent. If it is not possible to coordinate the submission, it is acceptable for the service providers to submit separate applications that document their respective charges and payment requests.

7. Can a denied application be resubmitted for payment one or more times as long as the
resubmission occurs within 12 months of the date of death?

Yes. As long as adjustments to an application are made within the 12-month filing deadline, they can be considered for payment.

8. Do I have the right to deny state-funded burials?

Service providers have the right to refuse services to WFCAP-eligible decedents.

9. Where should I direct the family when the decedent is not eligible for WFCAP?

If the decedent was receiving Medicaid benefits, refer the family to the decedent’s county agency that issued the Medicaid benefits. The agency may be able to provide information on alternate funding sources.

10. Can you use direct deposit to expedite my payment?

Direct deposit is available to service providers who have submitted the required State of Wisconsin forms. Please refer to the WFCAP Manual (Section 5.3 Required Forms for Payments) to see which forms are required.

Policy Questions

11. What types of life insurance policies are affected by the WFCAP policy changes effective October 3, 2016?

Any type of life insurance policy created on or after October 3, 2016, where the decedent is named as the insured is affected by the policy changes, regardless of who is named as the policy owner or beneficiary.

12. How do I find out if a decedent has any life insurance policies?

You need to ask the family or the executor of the decedent’s estate if any life insurance policies exist and identify the policies on the WFCAP application.

13. Should funeral homes and cemeteries/crematories submit their information on the same WFCAP application?

This is not required but is suggested. If the decedent had a life insurance policy, there is a different reduction method applied depending on whether the service providers submit a combined application or separate applications.

14. Do life insurance policies assigned to the funeral home need to be reported on the WFCAP application?

All life insurance policies must be reported on the WFCAP application.

15. Will a WFCAP payment be reduced for a life insurance policy that is less than $3,000?

There would be no reduction applied to the WFCAP payment if the life insurance policy is less than $3,000.

16. If a life insurance policy is less than $3,000, can the family voluntarily apply all or a portion of the policy towards the funeral, and/or cemetery, and/or crematory expenses?



Information provided is general. For more detailed information regarding WFCAP, refer to the WFCAP Manual or contact WFCAP.

WFCAP contact information:

Department of Health Services
Division of Health Care Access and Accountability
Bureau of Fiscal Management
ATTN: Funeral and Cemetery Aids Program
P.O. Box 309
Madison, WI  53701-0309

Telephone: 888-859-0611
Fax: 608-266-8317
Email: dhswfcapapplications@wi.gov

Last Revised: October 3, 2016