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Eligibility Management: Wisconsin Funeral and Cemetery Aids Program FAQ

The Wisconsin Funeral and Cemetery Aids Program (WFCAP) is for funeral, cemetery, and crematory providers. It covers service provider expenses that aren’t fully paid for by an eligible decedent’s estate, family, or other resources.

Read the WFCAP Manual

Get the WFCAP Application, F-10141 (PDF)

This page answers FAQs (frequently asked questions) for service providers about WFCAP.

General questions

WFCAP publishes a WFCAP Update 30-45 days before new policies take effect. For each update, we:

Yes. Service providers have the right to refuse services to decedents eligible for WFCAP. WFCAP is a voluntary assistance program for funeral homes, cemeteries, and crematoriums.

If the decedent was receiving Medicaid benefits, refer the family to the county consortium that issued the Medicaid benefits. The consortium may be able to offer other funding sources.

Direct deposit is available to service providers who have submitted the required State of Wisconsin fiscal forms. Refer to section 5.4 (Required Forms for Payments) of the Wisconsin Funeral and Cemetery Aids Program Manual.

Questions about the application

Service providers can send applications and support documents by:

Mail: Department of Health Services
Division of Medicaid Services
Bureau of Operations Management
Attention: Wisconsin Funeral and Cemetery Aids Program
PO Box 309
Madison, WI 53701–0309


Fax: 608-710-6712

Service providers should call, email, or fax WFCAP after you have a confirmed date of death. This call allows the service provider to check if the decedent may be eligible for WFCAP benefits before they submit the application.

Service providers must make a reasonable effort to exhaust all other funding sources before submitting a WFCAP application. Other funding sources include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Burial trusts.
  • Burial insurance.
  • Estate assets.
  • Fundraisers.

Staff at funeral homes, cemeteries, and crematories can submit the application. We prefer that only one application is submitted for each decedent. That application should include funeral and cemetery/crematory charges.

If service providers can’t coordinate the submission, they can submit separate applications that document their respective charges and payment requests. If requesting a qualified payment, the Qualified Payment Form must be completed, signed, and dated by the funeral home, cemetery, and executor or family representative. This form is attached to the WFCAP application.

Yes. As long as the revisions are made within the filing deadline, service providers can resubmit applications more than once. The filing deadline is 12 months from the date of death.

Yes. We send a Payment Summary to the executor or family representative after final review of the WFCAP application. We’ll send it by mail or email. The summary will provide:

  • Total reported expenses.
  • Payment(s) made from other sources.
  • Payment amount(s) applied for.
  • Approved or denied payment amount(s).
  • Reason for denial, if denied.

Yes. A service provider can request a fair hearing by sending a letter to:

Division of Hearings and Appeals
PO Box 7875
Madison, WI 53707

Send the request within 45 days of the Notice of Decision. Hearing requests should include:

  • Service provider’s name.
  • Mailing address.
  • Signature.
  • Decedent’s case number.
  • Brief description of the issue.
  • Which state agency took the action.

Only service providers can request a fair hearing. Family members don’t have the right to appeal a decision.

Questions about life insurance policies

Any type of life insurance policy is affected by WFCAP policy if:

  • It was created on or after October 3, 2016.
  • The decedent is named as the insured, regardless of who is named as the policy owner or beneficiary.

For details, refer to section 2.10 (Life Insurance) of the Wisconsin Funeral and Cemetery Aids Program Manual.

Work with the decedent’s executor or family representative to find out about life insurance policies.

If the decedent had a life insurance policy, we apply a different reduction method depending on whether you submit combined or separate applications. If the funeral home is requesting a qualified payment, we require a combined application.

Yes. You must report all life insurance policies on the WFCAP application.

No. We don’t apply a reduction to the WFCAP payment if the life insurance policy is less than $3,000.

Yes. If a life insurance policy is less than $3,000, a family can voluntarily apply all or a portion of a policy toward funeral, cemetery, and/or crematory expenses.

Contact us

For more details about WFCAP, refer to the Wisconsin Funeral and Cemetery Aids Program Manual or contact us.

Mail: Department of Health Services
Division of Medicaid Services
Bureau of Operations Management
Attn: Wisconsin Funeral and Cemetery Aids Program
PO Box 309
Madison, WI 53701–0309

Phone: 888-859-0611

Fax: 608-710-6712


Last revised August 30, 2022