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Risk Assessment Flood Tool (RAFT)

Buoy your flood planning with RAFT

Floods create a wide range of public health and safety risks, and they can be deadly and costly. In response to more frequent and intense floods in Wisconsin, the Department of Health Services and partners created the RAFT map to help local, regional, and state agencies prepare for and respond to floods. RAFT to the rescue!

Formerly called the Wisconsin Flood Risk Map Application, RAFT integrates 32 flood-relevant spatial data layers in ONE customizable ArcGIS map.

Features include:

  • 32 data layers from 12 state and federal agencies
  • FEMA flood hazard layer view in relation to health care locations
  • Social vulnerability data by census tract
  • LIVE precipitation data, 72-hour precipitation forecast, flood advisory feeds, and river flood level status
  • And more!

Access RAFT and learn more

  1. Map: Risk Assessment Flood Tool
  2. Data detail: 32 data layers
  3. Training options: tutorial or webinar



A flooded BP gas station


RAFT map with legend

Share your feedback

We are continually updating data and making improvements to the RAFT user experience. Please take a minute to share your ideas on how we can enhance RAFT in our three-question survey. Thank you!

RAFT Users

Get ready for the next flood with RAFT. Whether you work in emergency management, public health, or natural resources, RAFT was designed with you in mind:

  • Emergency management and preparedness professionals
  • First responders
  • Public health preparedness and planning professionals
  • Health care planners
  • Flood plain managers
  • Water resources and land use planners
  • Zoning administrators
  • Environment, stormwater, and infrastructure professionals
Last revised March 8, 2023